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The Caves of Polignano

The Caves of Polignano

Polignano is famous all over the world for its enchanting beauties of the historic center.
Less known to many are the numerous sea caves, which, from north to south, open into the cliff below Polignano.
Real caves dug into the rock overlooking the sea.
The most famous is called the 'Grotta delle Rondinelle', more than 20 meters high, it hides a splendid enchanted beach inside.
It is said that at dawn, the caves become the refuge of the sirens.
The sirens at night, taking advantage of the darkness, come out and with their song they made the pirate ships approach the cliff, until they went against the rocks.
Once the ship sank, the sirens stole all the treasure on board, and then buried it away from prying eyes, in the various beaches inside the caves.

 So, are you ready for the siren's call?
Just rent a canoe (ask me where and how) and leave from Polignano Nord (precisely from Cala Cozze Nere beach).
Then you have to sail south, always keeping the coast on your right side.
The first caves can be found already after 500 meters.

BUT beware !!!
... while visiting the caves it may happen to see dolphins very closely.
You could even swim side by side with it.

Grotta Santa Caterina,
Grotticella dell’Acqua di Cristo,
Grotta Cala Ponte
Grotta dei due archi
Grotte della Foca,
Grotta delle rondinelle,
Grotta dei Fidanzati,
grotta azzurra
grotta piana
grotta dell’arcivescovado
grotta Palazzese
grotta sotto Favale
grotticella sotto Favale
grotta Ardito
grotta delle monache
grotta S. Gennaro
grotta del macello
grotta della punta del ciuccio
grotta stampagnata
grotta dei fornici
grotta della colonna inclinata
grotte dell’eremita
grotta dei colombi
La grotta dei passeri
La Cappella di Cristo
grotta Sella
grotta cerosa


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